What Is Vision Board Therapy?

Vision Board Therapy™ works on the premise that verbal coaching through discussion cannot readily reach the subconscious or previously inexpressible in the way that visual and metaphorical imagery creation can.

Creating a unique Vision Board functions as a bridge between a person’s inner and outer world as well as preverbal and verbal experience. Through reflecting on this process a Vision Board Therapist can facilitate rapid transformation on a deeper, lasting level.

Vision Board Therapy™ allows the person to see their situation from different perspectives, to explore desires, feelings and behaviours and with the help of gentle probing and reflective questioning from a Vision Board Therapist, to create impactful change in their lives. 


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Vision Board Therapy Benefits

The benefits of engaging in the Vision Board Therapy Process:  

  • We give ourselves permission to dream    
  • We open and allow creativity and self-exploration to flourish.    
  • We discover our unique vision about who we are and what we desire    
  • We tap into intuition and learn to understand what chosen words and images mean and reveal  
  • A vision board is a tool for self-mirroring, helping us to understand ourselves on a more profound or deep level.  
  • We are able to uncover who we really are and what’s important to us right now in our life.      
  • We are given the opportunity to express and heighten who we are creatively and without limits.    
  • We are able to build self-esteem and feel more relaxed.     
  • We enhance our self-awareness.     
  • When we cut and tear and create a new – we are renewed.     

In Vision Board Therapy we trust the materials to bring out what we feel – we are invited to let go and let our board speak back in order to find forms to feelings and transmute them into positive change.

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